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Will Geer: Letter To Joel Wernick

Jan 29, 2018 | January2018 |

Joel Wernick
CEO Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Mr. Joel Wernick:

The euphoric high from yielding so much power and control in a vacuum of no accountability creates belief systems where you can do no wrong. The concept almost manufactures itself over time. The layers struct u red through years of cultivation insulate each crony participant.  Of course, there is a great sense of pride, but money is always the primary motivator. The appearance of yielding power and money creates crony souls beholding to you.

In reality, the Emperor is wearing no clothes. The diminution of power and control is visible and the voices once cautiously whispering away from public ears, speak with more and more volume. Empowered officials blaze the trail of new opportunities in communities near. All spectacles are pointed at you’re your actions shall be weighed and measured with
every step you take.

Enough information is now known to the public. There are people recognizing your decisions as the primary cause of the economic decline in Albany and Dougherty County. Of course, there are those that have too much pride and bank to admit to the negative effects your decisions have had on our community, however, an overwhelming majority, believe you to be the most negative aspect of our community. We believe you have single-handedly created some of the highest healthcare cost in the entire United States. We believe your decision to cover up your greed with the $200 million purchase of Palmyra will be paid for on the back of its citizens for decades to come.

You may believe that you have done no wrong. You may believe that you are some knight in shining armor. You may believe that you have created some Empire for which we should all behold. Trust me Mr. CEO, you are far from the powerful person you so want to be. When you are gone, you will not be remembered that way. You will be remembered as the man whose ego starved for attention and approval. You shall be remembered as the man whose ego built fancy towers and fancy buildings for the affluent to approve. You shall not be remembered as the man whose heart truly cared for a community. You shall not be remembered as the man whose heart truly cared for the patient.

Look back at Albany before your presence in our community. Look back at the once vibrant economic community with our wonderful community hospital. Failure! I think of all the souls that have passed through the halls of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital long before, and during your tenure. You will not be remembered for putting this hospital on the map. This hospital had a heart and soul long before you arrived in Southwest Georgia. This hospitals heart and soul is made of the hard-working people who have poured their heart and soul into their passion for helping others.

You are not the heart and soul of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. You have done everything possible to rip that heart and soul from the hospital with your greed and corruption, but you will not succeed. I pray for the day you are no longer in control of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.
Will Geer



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