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The Criminal Behavior of a Monster District Attorney

Plez Hardin,  District Attorney

Plez Hardin, District Attorney

Staff Reports,

The Americus Sumter Observer Staff covered a Court hearing brought by District Attorney, Plez Hardin against former wife, Kimberly Brown (Hardin) Dupree.

Hardin was seeking to reduce the child support amount he was ordered to pay in the final divorce decree on November 6, 2009 for his then four minor children. Since the decree, Hardin now only has three minor children with the oldest daughter, Sarah Beth Hardin no longer eligible for child support at the age of 19 years old.

In the divorce decree Hardin was also ordered to pay $1,300.00 monthly to the former Mrs. Hardin because of his adulterous indiscretions with his hairdresser. Hardin has since married Robin Hardin and they have a 2 year old son, Benjamin.

The former Mrs. Hardin stated that she was not after Plez’s money and that he was threatening her with illegal surveillance for no reason except that he believed he was above the law and proved how vindictive and extremely mean he could be.

During the hearing it was clear that the former Mrs. Hardin knew that when she remarried in April, 2013 she would be giving-up the alimony; but that still didn’t stop DA Hardin from coming after her and the three minor children.

The former Mrs. Harden was represented by Attorney Mark B. McManus of Rainwater & Gibbs, LLP. Attorney McManus questioned DA Plez Hardin about his income and tax returns which essential items in an alimony case.

It was made clear that Hardin had lied about his income and donations to Bethel Church in Americus, GA. In sworn affidavits and testimony under oath, DA Hardin had reported that the house he and his new wife (Robin) now live in at 905 Hancock Drive was rental property. Hardin reported that he had paid tuition for his children to attend school at Southland Academy when it was brought out in the hearing that the children grandparents had in fact paid school tuitions.

Hardin testified that he had no income tax withheld from his $109,000.00 (plus) state salary, but received refunds of $2,000.00 and $4,000.00 two consecutive years. Hardin also reported to the IRS that he had made a donation of $1,000.00 to Bethel Baptist Church, but had no record of the donation nor did the church have a record. Hardin testified that he owes the IRS money from past years and the refunds were applied to what he already owed the IRS. Attorney
McManus disputed the legitimacy of this credit to owed taxes when no taxes were deducted from Hardin’s income for the years in question.

It was clear that Plez had provided false information to the IRS and the State of Georgia. It was also brought out that over the pass three years that DA Hardin had over $400,000.00 of unreported income. Also, Robin Hardin owner and operator of the Hair Company, Felder St., Americus, Georgia testified under oath that she made roughly $700.00 gross per week in her business, but that her overhead was almost the same amount so there was no need to claim income
for her business. Her husband DA Hardin testified that he didn’t report her income to IRS although they filed joint tax returns for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Attorney McManus asked DA Hardin if he was on the “Take, sold guns, drugs, steroids, or what?” Plez said no, however he did not give any information about where the unreported income came from.

The former wife’s parents, the Browns, paid for Plez Hardin to attend law school, paid for a place for him, their daughter and grandchildren to live while they were married and this was the thanks they got.

During Sara Elizabeth Hardin’s testimony, the oldest of the children, told the court that her father, DA Hardin had kept her younger siblings from attending her high school graduation, birthday party and homecoming event, where she was on the homecoming court and in cheerleading competitions.

Sara said that when her grandmother died (DA Hardin’s mother) that Plez tried to prevent her from attending the funeral. She further stated that Hardin had sent her a birthday card and graduation card only to help his case against her mother because he made copies of the cards and brought them in as evidence to pretend cared about her. Sara asked, “Who makes copies of cards they send to someone they love if they truly loved them?”

The judge hearing the case was retired Judge Richard Porter from Cairo, GA.

In his closing statement he temporarily adjusted the visitation of the children. Judge Porter counseled both parents about how they must communicate for the best interest of the children, suggesting that they may need to attend parenting

DA Hardin has possibly violated the following sections of the law and possibly should be impeached from his position as District Attorney for this circuit.

1. O.C.G.A. § 15-18-27 -Allegation of indictable offense committed by district attorney or staff member; appointment of substitute; procedure if true bill is found. In plain English, Plez Hardin should be reported to the Attorney General and
brought before a Grand Jury.

2. O.C.G.A. § 48-1-6 -Unlawful filing of false documents; omission; tax evasion; penalty, with intent to defraud the state, file any return, report, protest, or claim for refund containing any false or fraudulent statement known by the person to be false. Omit knowingly and intentionally any fact, circumstance, condition, or thing in any written document, the omission of which constitutes a material misstatement or misrepresentation of fact; or by any trick, device, scheme, or plan, evade or attempt to evade any tax, license, penalty, interest, or other amount due the state.

3. O.C.G.G. § 48-7-127 -(a) Willful failure to withhold tax; (b) Willful failure to pay over withheld tax.

It was reported to the Americus Sumter Observer that the Americus Times Recorder Newspaper was notified by email of this hearing. However, no one was sent from the ‘legal organ’ to cover the proceedings.

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