Superintendent Choates’ Foolish Demotion of Principal Sharron Marcus

Dr. Torrance Choates demoted Principal Sharron Marcus because of a sick reason, allegedly “She was too nurturing of the students.”

Principal Sharron Marcus, a 25 year veteran in education. This attack by Choates is the first blemish on her stellar record as an educator.

Staff Reports

In an unusual turn of events The Americus Sumter Observer learned that Americus-Sumter County School Superintendant Torrance Choates decided to demote Americus-Sumter Middle School Principal Sharron Marcus.

It was revealed at the School Board Meeting on Monday, March 6, 2017 that Choates told Marcus that if she told anyone or if he got any backlash from the Community he would not only demote her but fire her.

Pastor Dr. DeRienzia Johnson of Bethesda Missionary Baptist church,

a member of the Pastors and Lay Organization, was on the school board’s agenda to speak about the statements made by Choates. However in another unusual turn; Johnson was not allowed to speak openly, but was carried behind close doors from the public.

Marcus has been in the school system for 25 years and worked in several different capacities and the last assignment was Principal at Americus-Sumter Intermediate School. Under Marcus’ leadership the school had the 2nd highest College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores in the school district last year.

At this time it is not known what caused Choates to go after Marcus, but this behavior is exactly what Dr. John Marshall had warned about him.”In our October 2016 edition of the Americus Sumter Observer we reported about Dr. Choates’ disturbing past. He was not renewed as Principal in Pelham, GA and ended up in Thomasville, GA as an assistant Principal. He later landed a job in Newton, GA as principal and school superintendent. Citizens in Baker County have reported some very discouraging and anti-Black behavior by superintendent Choates,”says Marshall.

Dr. Marshall continues, “There was a protest march by the Black community in Baker County because of Choates treatment of Black parents, students, and his staff. Several citizens took their children out of the school system because of Choates. And many citizens have concluded that Choates dislikes Black people,” says Marshall.

We have a serious problem with Superintendent Choates as he is beginning to make decisions that are irrational. Allegedly, Choates said Sharron Marcus was,”too nurturing of the students.” Two separate tribunals decided in Marcus’ favor concerning two students; Choates wanted the two children to be punished. He became very angry and outraged about losing to Sharron Marcus and went on the attack. He threatened her if the public ever found out what he did to her. She refused to pretend that she wanted to be demoted as he suggested. Choates cannot run off people like Sharron Marcus. We will have to remove Choates as superintendent to prevent further loss of good personnel.

NAACP President Matt Wright was asked what he thought about Choates and Marcus? Wright said “I have not been directly involved yet, but if the allegations are true, Choates should be reported to the Professional Standards Commission (PSC). The PSC will investigate the matter and if they find that Choates has violated the Code of Ethics, they can and should suspend his credentials. If that happens, not only will he be gone from our school system but he wouldn’t be able to work anywhere until he is reinstated. I think this is the right way to deal with a scandal. Wright concluded, “our taxpayers probably won’t get stuck with having to pay him after he is gone if proper protocol is followed.”