Shirley Green Reese Has a Criminal Past

Late Johnny Green, husband of Debra
Green, father of Kenyatta Tucker and
brother of Shirley Green Reese.

Shirley Green-Reese
Americus City Councilwoman

Staff Reports

Debra Green, the wife of the late Johnny Green who was Councilwoman Shirley Reese’s brother, says Shirley took her house by falsifying documents. The results of Reese forging the documents resulted in her sister-in-law becoming homeless. Mr. Green’s daughter Kenyatta Tucker told the Americus Sumter Observer about her mother being homeless because of her aunt’s illegal actions. Tucker’s mother now lives with her.

Shirley Reese presented a quick claim deed that gave her the ownership of the house after her brother passed and removed her brother’s widow out on the street. Tucker alleges that her aunt Reese forged documents to take possession of her dad’s property by allegedly forging Johnny Green’s name.

Reese’s niece told the Observer that her aunt Shirley used a phony Power of Attorney to take $8,000 out of her father’s credit union account. A copy of the police Incident Report following this story dated April 23, 2015, indicates that the forgery did occur by Reese at DOCO Credit Union. The Americus Police Department reportedly gave Councilwoman Shirley a choice to either return the $8,000 or face jail time. Councilwoman Reese returned the forged $8,000.