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McCoy and Cohilas Unfit to Lead

McCoy and Cohilas Unfit to Lead

Jan 28, 2018 | January2018 |

A recent editorial named the four black Dougherty County Commissioners as culprits in blocking the appointment of current Assistant County Administrator Michael McCoy to replace Richard Crowlis as County Administrator. The editorial further reports rumors about a run-in in 2016 between Mr. McCoy and one of the four Commissioners as the basis for the lack of support for Mr. McCoy. As a citizen of Dougherty County who tries to keep up with the decisions made by folks whom we elect to represent the will of the majority, here are a few observations regarding the fitness of the combination of Mr. McCoy and
Chairman Cohilas to lead this county.

The work would always present challenges for both leaders and workers. Success on either side requires sound judgment and
at times willingness to walk away or stand down in order to de-escalate a confrontation. Mr. McCoy will have responsibilities
that are both lateral and hierarchical no doubt he will be challenged as he was in the case with the referenced commissioner
to bring the incident to a satisfactory conclusion. Instead, Mr. McCoy under the leadership of Chairman Cohilas ended up walking away with $50,000 of our tax money. Both Cohilas and McCoy could have worked towards a better outcome, one
that sought to bring conciliation and avoid the threat of ongoing legal action.

How can he lead this government or any other entity when he sued because of allegations of a hostile work environment
and that the commissioner touched his NOSE? Political environments, by nature, are hostile. If he can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Mr. McCoy’s actions, sanctioned, supported, and lead by Chairman Cohilas, not only affected Mr. McCoy’s family but casted dispersions on to other families prominent in this community. Mr. McCoy was used by people from outside the black community but now wants the black community to select him to lead.

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