Men With HIV Have Highest CVD Risk

By Melissa Weiss
People living with HIV (PLWH) have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) compared to the general population and individuals with high CVD risk but without HIV, according to a recent study. For their study, the researchers used a mathematical model to project the cumulative incidence of CVD in male and female cohorts for the 3 following populations: the US general population, individuals at high risk for CVD without HIV, and PLWH.


Marijuana Calms Children With Autism

By: M. Alexander Otto Family Practice News
SAN FRANCISCO – About once a month, Antonio Y. Hardan, MD, and his colleagues at the Stanford (Calif.) University Autism and Developmental Disorders Clinic see an autistic child who is using or being prescribed marijuana. “There are two types or responses we see with marijuana,” said Dr. Hardan, director of the clinic. “Most of the time, it calms the kid down for 2 or 3 hours


New Evidence Links Children with Higher Lead Exposure to School Suspensions and Juvenile Detention

By D. Amari Jackson,
When people are in pain or suffering from illness, they are more likely to act in destructive ways that carry negative consequences for both themselves and others. Children are particularly susceptible as they act out when agitated or unhealthy, a plight exacerbated by their common inability to articulate their feelings in a more constructive way.


Protein linked to Parkinson’s travels from gut to brain

SAN DIEGO — Over the course of months, clumps of a protein implicated in Parkinson’s disease can travel from the gut into the brains of mice, scientists have found. The results, reported November 14 at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, suggest that in some cases, Parkinson’s may get its start in the gut. That’s an intriguing concept, says neuro scientist John Cryan of the University College Cork in Ireland. The new study “shows how important gut health can be for brain health and behavior.” Collin Challis of Caltech and colleagues injected clumps of synthetic alpha-synuclein, a protein known to accumulate in the brains of people with Parkinson’s, into mice’s stomachs and intestines. The researchers then tracked alpha-synuclein with a technique called CLARITY, which makes parts of the mice’s bodies transparent.

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Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money

Lingering uncertainty about the fate of the Affordable Care Act has spurred the California legislature to consider adoption of a statewide single-payer health care system. Sometimes described as Medicare for all, single-payer is a system in which a public agency handles health care financing while the delivery of care remains largelymont.