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Will Geer: Letter To Joel Wernick

Mr. Joel Wernick: The euphoric high from yielding so much power and control in a vacuum of no accountability creates belief systems where you can do no wrong. The concept almost manufactures itself over time. The layers struct u red through years of cultivation insulate each crony participant.  Of course, there is a great sense of pride, but money is always the primary motivator.

The Worst and the Dumbest

Like millions of people around the world, I was reassured to learn that Donald Trump is a “Very Stable Genius.” You see, if he weren’t — if he were instead an erratic, vindictive, uninformed, lazy, would-be tyrant — we might be in real trouble. Let’s be honest: This great nation has often been led by mediocre men,

Trump was right to hope he’d lose

The White House is being used to stage some kind of dark, dystopian comedy in which all the humor is of the gallows variety. Somebody tell me how we survive three more years of this oppressive, exhausting show. The revelations about the Trump administration from journalist Michael Wolff are

‘Like, Really Smart’

I resist applying clinical diagnoses to people, and that includes Donald Trump. I’m not a doctor, and a proper diagnosis would require a personal evaluation. But I would be basking in false virtue if I simply pretended that I’m not aware that some of the behaviors displayed by this man line up with the symptoms of certain personality disorders.


The Truth vs. the GOP Tax Plan

Here are the 3 main Republican arguments in favor of the Republican tax plan, followed by the truth. 1. It will make American corporations competitive with foreign corporations, which are taxed at a lower rate. Rubbish. (1) American corporations now pay an effective rate (after taking deductions and tax credits) that’s just about the same as most foreign based corporations pay.

The Permanent Lie, Our Deadliest Threat

The most ominous danger we face does not come from the eradication of free speech through the obliteration of net neutrality or through Google algorithms that steer people away from dissident, left-wing, progressive or anti-war sites. It does not come from a tax bill that abandons all pretense of fiscal responsibility to enrich corporations and oligarchs and prepares the way to dismantle programs such as Social Security.