Phoebe Hospital Authority Must Remove Wernick

Again we have a report that Phoebe Putney Hospital has not improved since we announced in 2013 that it was “one of the worst hospitals in the nation.” How long will the Hospital Authority allow Phoebe to be substandard under Administrator Joel Wernick. The Dougherty County Hospital Authority owns Phoebe Putney Hospital. The Authority has leased the hospital to the administration of Joel Wernick. The Authority is directed to monitor what the Wernick administration does. If the hospital is failing and the quality of care is suffering, the Hospital Authority has an obligation to demand Wernick bring Phoebe up to national standards. Patients should not have to worry about safety and quality of care in the hospital. There is a Hospital Authority Law which gives guidance and directions for the members who serve to act in the best interest of the citizens of Dougherty County.


The Death of the Republic

By Chris Hedges

The deep state’s decision in ancient Rome—dominated by a bloated military and a corrupt oligarchy, much like the United States of 2017—to strangle the vain and idiotic Emperor Commodus in his bath in the year 192 did not halt the growing chaos and precipitous decline of the Roman Empire. Commodus, like a number of other late Roman emperors, and like President Trump, was incompetent and consumed by his own vanity. He commissioned innumerable statues of himself as Hercules and had little interest in governance. He used his position as head of state to make himself the star of his own ongoing public show. He fought victoriously as a gladiator in the arena in fixed bouts. Power for Commodus as it is for Trump, was primarily about catering to his bottomless narcissism, hedonism and lust for wealth. He sold public offices so the ancient equivalents of Betsy DeVos and Steve Mnuchin could orchestrate a vast kleptocracy.

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Sad days, dark days and us killing us

There seems to be no end to the sorrow spread across America on a daily basis and the painful loss of Black life, whether at the hands of police officers or as Richard Collins III, a graduating student at Bowie State University in Maryland, was allegedly killed by a White student on the campus of the University of Maryland. Those tragedies, however, reflect an old and unforgiving enemy who has been determined to misuse and abuse us from the time our ancestors arrived on these shores in 1555. But in the darkest days of chattel slavery, our love of one another sustained us. At the end our official slavery, there were countless notices and ads in newspapers as we sought a long lost mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, wife—though our chances of reconciliation were slim. We loved and wanted one another, we were important to one another. Black Lives Mattered to Black People.

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James Comey Cometh

Charles M Blow

It is hard to calculate the grievousness of the wounds that James Comey’s testimony will inflict on Donald Trump On Wednesday, representatives of Comey, the consummate showman whose own flair for the dramatic rivals Trump’s, requested the release of his incredibly detailed opening statement in advance of his Thursday Senate testimony. If you believe the Comey statement, you must take away from it that Trump is a liar, a bully and a criminal. You must take away from it that Trump has a consuming need to be surrounded not only by loyalists but also by lackeys. You must take away that Trump is brand obsessed — his own brand — and that anything that besmirches that brand must be blunted.


Wrecking the Ship of State

Paul Krugman

By Paul Krugman

After Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, many people on the right and even in the center tried to make the case that he wouldn’t really be that bad. Every time he showed a hint of self-restraint — even if it amounted to nothing more than reading his lines without ad-libbing and laying off Twitter for a day or two — pundits rushed to declare that he had just “become president.” But can we now admit that he really is as bad as — or worse than — his harshest critics predicted he would be? And it’s not just his contempt for the rule of law, which came through so clearly in the James Comey testimony: As the legal scholar Jeffrey Toobin says, if this isn’t obstruction of justice, what is? There’s also the way Trump’s character, his combination of petty vindictiveness with sheer laziness, leaves him clearly not up to doing the job. And that’s a huge problem. Think, for a minute, of just how much damage this man has done on multiple fronts in just five months.

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A thuggish abuse of executive power

Eugene Robinson

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey has to be the most thuggish, venal act committed by a U.S. president since Richard Nixon’s desperate Saturday Night Massacre. Trump is trying to shut down the investigation with the most potential to cripple — or perhaps even end — his presidency. He is attempting a power play straight from the playbook of some tinhorn dictator, and he believes he will get away with it. The claim that Comey’s mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails is the reason for his dismissal insults the nation’s intelligence. During last year’s campaign, you will recall, Trump loudly cheered the damaging disclosures about his opponent that he now cites as cause for immediate termination. Just last week, the president tweeted that “FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds!” Trump and his angry crowds brayed for Clinton to be locked up, not treated fairly.

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