New Sumter County School Superintendent is allegedly Anti-Black

Attention all school parents and advocates, we have some very disappointing news concerning Dr. Torrance Choates, the newly hired school superintendent. We spoke with many Baker County’s citizens who said Choates was a terrible superintendent. Allegedly, there were clashes with parents and students. He worked in Pelham, Georgia, before moving to Thomasville, Georgia, and then on to Newton, GA (Baker County). According to the informers, Choates was mean and hateful toward Black parents and the students. Several times he called the police on parents. Choates made parents and students to feel that they were unwelcome and many were discouraged from coming to the school, our source said.

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Creeping Toward Crisis

Charles Blow

I am racked with anxiety that our buffoonish “president” — who sounds so internationally unsophisticated and who is still operating under a cloud of illegitimacy — is beginning to face his first real foreign crises. What worries me most is that he seems to have no coherent plan, at least not one that he is willing or able to communicate. “I don’t show my hand” isn’t a strategy to conceal a plan as much as one to conceal the absence of a plan. His statements are all bluster and bungling and bosh. Our commander in chief is not in full command of his emotions or facts or geopolitics.

Trump’s missile attack on Syria changes nothing

Eugene Robinson

WASHINGTON — The United States has become a combatant in Syria’s horrific civil war. The Trump administration, which intervened with deadly military force, gives no sign of knowing what it’s doing or why. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has absurdly tried to suggest that nothing has changed. He is wrong. Fifty-nine cruise missiles constitute a policy shift. So what is the administration’s strategic vision? What is its desired outcome? How does it get there? And what happens next? U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Sunday that the administration cannot envision “a peaceful Syria” with dictator Bashar Assad still in power. Tillerson went on a different Sunday show to say that Assad’s fate is up to “the Syrian people.”

Trump Voters, Your Savior Is Betraying You

Nicholas Kristof Dear Trump Voters, You’ve been had. President Trump sold you a clunker. Now that he’s in the White House, he’s betraying you — and I’m writing in hopes that you’ll recognize that betrayal and hold him accountable. Trump spoke to your genuine pain, to the fading of the American dream, and he won your votes. But will he deliver? Please watch his speeches carefully. You’ll notice that he promises outcomes, without explaining how they’ll be achieved. He’s a carnival huckster promising that America will thrive with his snake oil. “We’re going to win, we’re going to win big, folks,” Trump declared Friday at the CPAC meeting, speaking of his foreign policy.

U law prof Richard Painter sues Trump over ethics

By Star Tribune

Richard Painter has yet to become the subject of a Donald Trump tweet. That’s fine with the University of Minnesota law professor. On the other hand, he did sue the president of the United States last week for violating the Constitution. Painter is a top ethics scholar who worked as Republican President George W. Bush’s chief ethics lawyer from 2005 to 2007. But he has picked a fight with the GOP’s latest White House resident for refusing to sell off some assets and place the rest into a blind trust, as every president has done for the past four decades. Instead, Trump has turned them over to his sons to manage and promised not to ask about them.

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Paul Krugman Exposes the Biggest Con Artist in American Politics This Side of Donald Trump

Jacob Sugarman

By Jacob Sugarman / AlterNet
Paul Krugman pegged him as a con artist virtually from the start of his political career. Back in 2010, he even devoted a column to him aptly titled, “The Flimflam Man.” No, he was not referring to the man with the world’s most destructive Twitter habit. The object of the New York Times columnist’s scorn, then and now, is House Majority Leader Paul Ryan, whose makeshift health care bill threatens the coverage of millions of Americans. In a Friday column, the New York Times columnist took aim at the American Health Care Act and its feckless author. In Krugman’s estimation, virtually everything Ryan has said about his Obamacare replacement is a lie: