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Cohilas Must Be Removed to Advance Dougherty County

Apr 24, 2018 | April2018 |

By Will Geer, Phoebe Factoids

The power and control within the Dougherty County Commission by Chris Cohilas and the previous chairman, Jeff Sinyard has been unethical and abusive to the Dougherty community. Jeff Sinyard continues to receive millions of dollars from an exterminating pest control contract with Joel Wernick’s Phoebe Healthcare Systems. The current Chairman, Chris Cohilas continues to receive millions of dollars to his law firm that

represents Phoebe Putney (PPMH) and affiliates. Many of our Dougherty citizens do not know how Joel Wernick has used our taxpayers’ money to allegedly influence the two chairmen of the Dougherty Commission.

As chairman of the Dougherty County Commission, both men portray themselves as true visionaries and catalyst, when it comes to economic development within the community. Both take all the opportunities available for photo ops and accolades. But they missed an opportunity to bring an industry to Dougherty County that would have brought over 300 skilled labor jobs and a 200,000 square foot building for the production and manufacture of guns by a company called Taurus that went to Bainbridge, Georgia.

In addition to the alleged corrupt relationship with Wernick’s Healthcare System at Phoebe, they have not produced any growth and advancement for Dougherty. Many companies have not come to Dougherty County because of the cost and quality of healthcare. It has been reported why several large companies have left our community because of Healthcare charges by

Christopher Cohilas
Dougherty Commission

Wernick’s hospital. When you couple a “do nothing Chairman Cohilas with Wernick’s poor quality healthcare system it is imperative that both of them need to be removed.

Cohilas is currently campaigning to return to the chairman position. We strongly urge our Dougherty County citizens to not vote Cohilas back into the office to continue his alleged abuses by his law firm getting paid by Phoebe.

We are very curious as to why Chairman Cohilas is desperately trying to make Interim County Administrator Mike McCoy the County Administrator. The four Black Commissioners are trying to bring an administrator who can advance Dougherty County. Mike McCoy does not have what they would like to move our county forward. It is mighty strange that Cohilas and two other White Commissioners are hell-bent on making McCoy the administrator. Why?

We cannot risk Cohilas remaining the County Chairman with the cloud of alleged corruption with Wernick’s Phoebe Health System. Currently, he is unable to get much done as his majority of Black Commissioners lost all confidence in his leadership. The citizens of Dougherty need to listen to their Black elected County Commissioners who have worked with Cohilas and they know much more than the general public about this chairman. They truly need the support of our citizens as they are trying to clean up the suspicions and possible corruptions that may be taking place in our County Commission leadership.

Nevertheless, this has been and will continue to be an ongoing occurrence until someone is willing to address the healthcare delivery system in Albany/Dougherty County and the surrounding areas. It is the elephant in the room. It is the elephant pressing on the economic welfare of Dougherty County. It is the elephant crushing the private healthcare providers. It is the elephant with all the money and all the power creating relentless and unhinged cronyism, which protects the elephant itself. The elephant is Joel Wernick, the CEO of Phoebe Putney.



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