She Makes More. Can You Handle It?

by Alfred Edmond, Jr.

She makes more. Can you still love her, when her pay check is bigger than yours? Husbands, we said we’d love her “for richer or poorer.” But, for many of us, ironically, the “richer” can be harder to handle. Can love survive—and even thrive—when she makes more money than he does? Sure it can. However, the key is not who makes how much, but whether spouses share values, have a team mindset, and are in agreement on how money decisions will be made, no matter who has the bigger paycheck. Once you’re on the same page and fully aligned with one another, whether her or she makes more, it boils down to three things: communication, transparency, and emotional safety.


‘Hidden Figures’–Don’t Just See the Movie, Read the Book! by Robin White Goode

Last week, when I opened the book Hidden Figures in a hair salon, one of the stylists rushed over to me. “Is that the book?!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t realize there was a book, too.” I assured her that this was indeed the book on which the movie was based. I urged her to read it, and not just see the movie. I saw the movie, and it’s great—but reading the book is a much richer experience. Since this is Women’s History Month, I couldn’t think of a greater topic to write on than the women whose stories are told in Hidden Figures.


Young Black Professionals Can Learn From This Wall Street Titan’s Winning Strategy

Words of wisdom on what it takes to achieve professional success in today’s world from Raymond J. McGuire, global head of corporate and investment banking at Citigroup

Raymond J. McGuire, global head of corporate and investment
banking at Citigroup

by Derek T. Dingle:

It was only fitting that Raymond J. McGuire, global head of corporate and investment banking for the financial leviathan Citigroup, was among those recently honored at the Business Titans Luncheon, which capped three days of sessions at the 20th Anniversary Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit. Engaged in three decades of corporate transactions valued at more than $500 billion, McGuire represents the dealmaker nonpareil and ultimate powerbroker, who has used his skills, strategic mind, and a bit of swagger to vault to the top of this hyper competitive, often cutthroat arena. In fact, when BLACK ENTERPRISE profiled McGuire, he was appropriately characterized in the following manner: “Like a chess grandmaster, he’s planned ahead for every contingency, with a meticulousness that would make Garry Kasparove envious.”

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